Amphora Maintenance Services Inc. has been focused on providing quality service to our clients in the property services industry for over 25 years. Our success is the result of a strong and unwavering commitment to excellence in service and customer satisfaction. We presently employ over 150 cleaning operators in the GTA and our team continues to grow. By employing a highly motivated management team, our clients can be assured they will receive quality service and the benefit of highly trained and professional personnel.

Amphora was founded in 1983 by current CEO George Krotiris. Back then, we were known as Amphora Office Cleaners and it was an exciting time as it was the beginning of a long journey to our present day operations. From our humble beginnings, we have grown to become a leader in the GTA for property maintenance services. Brothers Savvas and Tony Krotiris have since taken the reins from George and oversee the day to day operations of Amphora.

Currently, Amphora is focusing it’s attention on finding cleaner and safer alternatives to help protect and preserve the environment, something that is very important to us as well as our customers.